Charles Kriel


Charles Kriel



Dr Charles Kriel is the Specialist Advisor to the UK House of Commons Select Committee on Disinformation, currently creating global headlines on the Cambridge Analytica / Facebook scandal.

He is the Founder of Kriel.Agency, a StratComs agency, and with a broad portfolio including Iraq, Ukraine, Kosovo, Turkey, the Caucasus, Tajikistan, Mongolia, Trinidad and Tobago, and others.

A leading expert on data & ethics, and media & design for behaviour change, Charles is the author of several books, both novels and non-fiction.

A lifelong broadcaster and writer, Charles works in conflict zones and fragile states promoting free press and countering violent extremism. He’s an Emmy-nominated game designer, ex-BBC Radio 1 Resident Artist, novelist, and is currently directing a documentary on disinformation and data in collaboration with Bifröst Media.

Charles is an Associate Fellow at King’s College Strategic Communication centre.

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Keynote – Charles Kriel

16:40 - 17:30
Henry Wellcome Auditorium