Cerys Hearsey


Cerys Hearsey



Cerys is an experienced digital strategist, with a track record advising complex organisations on collaboration, communication, leadership and digital workplace technologies.

In 2013, she joined a newly founded company, POST*SHIFT, dedicated to exploring the intersection between new social technologies and new thinking on organisational structure and culture. Since then, the team have developed industry-leading methods and techniques for helping established firms transition to become more agile, adaptive and connected.

Cerys has delivered keynotes, workshops & corporate learning sessions for many large multi-national organisations. Her sessions focus on the future of leadership in the digital age, new ways of working, evolving organisational structures and emerging technologies. She also coaches and mentors emerging digital leaders from leading European firms.

Outside of work, Cerys enjoys leveraging her military demolitions training in combination with an avid passion for scuba diving to help excavate a 1660’s Cromwellian “second-rate” Warship lying close to Southend pier.

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Keynote – Cerys Hearsey, POST*SHIFT

09:30 - 10:15
Henry Wellcome Auditorium