Keynote – Tim Hitchcock, University of Sussex

20 Mar 2019
13:00 - 13:00
Henry Wellcome Auditorium

Keynote – Tim Hitchcock, University of Sussex

Introduction to the 2019 RLUK Conference by RLUK Executive Director, David Prosser.

Opening keynote presentation by Tim Hitchcock, Professor of Digital History, University of Sussex


Macroscopes and Microscopes: Scholar Cyborgs in the Digital Research Library

Academic scholarship in the humanities is a joint product of the organisation of human knowledge in the form of a library, and the academic disciplines of history, philosophy and literary criticism. But while the scholarship component of this joint venture has evolved relatively little in the last generation; libraries, archives and their systems of organisation have changed dramatically. This keynote argues that it is only by making more explicit the role of libraries in the construction of humanist scholarship, that we can honestly address the methodological challenges faced by older disciplines. Along the way it also argues that it is only by explicitly interrogating the distribution of inherited materials in libraries and archives, that we can address issues of the decolonisation of knowledge. And finally, this presentation will briefly demonstrate a macroscope system designed to surface the structures of library and archival collections as a way of providing a form of ‘radical contextualisation’ for the close reading of historical materials.