Keynote – Cerys Hearsey, POST*SHIFT

17 Mar 2020
09:30 - 10:15
Henry Wellcome Auditorium

Keynote – Cerys Hearsey, POST*SHIFT

The Paradox of Emerging Tech: an answer & our barrier to building the future

Building 21st century, digital-first services in research libraries (and indeed in all organisations) often starts at the technology level: what could we do with Artificial Intelligence? How could Machine Learning solve our current problem? What does Augmented Reality bring to the research library environment? This often creates an immediate barrier to participation in building this future, and puts service providers at a disadvantage.

How can we more fully participate in this collaborative discussion about building the future? By challenging those focused on technology to broaden the discussion to consider the culture & ways of working impacts, by addressing organisational structure as a key to delivering new services and by recognising leadership as a role we can both help to grow within the organisation & embody ourselves as librarians and information professionals. Building this kind of digital, agile future for research libraries is primarily about our customer, the experience we build in collaboration with them, our partners, suppliers and wider society. The opportunities are endless and exciting.

Cerys will share a practical model for joining the conversation – tools & techniques developed in collaboration with a wide range of organisations, across many sectors – taking inspiration from her cutting edge collaborations with big technology companies, engineering firms, professional services and start-ups to start de-mystifying our emerging future.