IARLA PANEL: The transformational challenge

IARLA PANEL: The transformational challenge

The modern research library is witnessing a profound change in its role, collection, and appearance. As research practices continue to shift, the necessary evolution of library services requires the acquisition of new skills, the adoption of new working practices and partnerships, and the continued investment in infrastructure, both physical and digital. These require the library to proactively look beyond its walls, to forge new relationships with scholars, to reassess its position within the research cycle, and to work with an increasing array of partners drawn from across the information and research community, and beyond.

Research libraries are not experiencing these changes in isolation, and much can be gained from sharing our experiences with one another. This panel will include representatives from the International Alliance of Research Library Associations (IARLA), of which RLUK is a member.

Colleagues will share their experiences of the “transformational challenge” occurring across research libraries in response to changes in research practices, how they are supporting their members navigate these changes, and highlight the potential for international collaboration.


  • Robin Green (Vice Chair, Research Libraries UK)
  • Mary Lee Kennedy (Executive Director, Association of Research Libraries)
  • Margie Jantti (President, Council of Australian University Librarians)
  • Donna Bourne-Tyson (President, Canadian Association Research Libraries)
  • Astrid Verheusen, (Executive Director, LIBER)