RLUK20 new schedule – 09.03.20

Download the #RLUK20 programme as a PDF – 26.02.20


The RLUK20 Conference is still going ahead as planned. As such our policy on any cancellations will be as per our FAQ.

We continue to monitor official advice on COVID-19 and we will review the situation if government advice changes between now and 16 March.

The conference will be a no handshake zone, and the venue will provide hand sanitising wipes for delegates. If any delegates are travelling to the conference from areas of risk and develop symptoms of cough, fever or shortness of breath, we would ask that they do not attend the conference.


Unfortunately due to travel restrictions for some of our speakers we have had to make some changes to our programme.

We regret that Chris Bourg (MIT) and Bergis Jules (Documenting the Now) will no longer be able to attend the conference.

We will now have a keynote presentation from Sue Williamson, Director: Libraries at Arts Council England on Tuesday 17 March. Masud Khokhar’s keynote has moved to the morning of Wednesday 18 March. Cerys Hersey and MacKenzie Smith’s keynote presentations will go ahead as scheduled.

Day 1
16 Mar 2020
Day 2
17 Mar 2020
Day 3
18 Mar 2020

Jisc library stakeholder meeting

Research libraries play a vital role in an increasingly complex and diverse higher education research landscape. Led by Liam Earney (Executive director, digital resources), this session will provide you with...
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Opening keynote

Introduction to the conference by David Prosser, Executive Director, RLUK   Keynote TBC
14:00 - 14:15


Have you ever heard of Open Access? What researchers know about open practices, what they need to know, and how we get them there

Investing in people and skills is crucial to the advancement of the Open Research agenda, which includes Open Access, data management, and other transparent research practices. Researchers need to understand...
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Matthias Ammon
Beatrice Gini

LONG TABLE – Plan S and the role of the research library: an international perspective

Occasionally described as a ‘European initiative’ owing to its origins within cOAlition S, Plan S has been making waves around the world. Members of the International Alliance of Research Library...
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Open Access AHSS monographs in practice: myth vs reality

There is much discussion at the moment around Open Access (OA) monograph publishing. Discussions around Plan S, future REF policy, UKRI OA policy etc. all currently indicate (with varying degrees...
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Kate Petherbridge

Leading from the Library? Making open research a reality in a non-research-intensive institution

At the University of Salford, the scale of research activity and Library services for research is far smaller than in many research-intensive institutions, yet we face the same scale of...
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Jen Bayjoo
Emma Smith


Keynote – MacKenzie Smith, University of California, Davis

Moving to Open: the University of California’s strategy and experience with transforming journal publishing The University of California (UC) – the largest public research university in the United States –...
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MacKenzie Smith


RLUK Annual General Meeting 2020. Open to RLUK members only.

RLUK20 Welcome Social

Cultivate your conference contacts and join us for the first evening social on Monday 16 March. Hosted in the beautiful Reading Room at Wellcome Collection, the social is an excellent...
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Day two registration

Keynote – Cerys Hearsey, POST*SHIFT

The Paradox of Emerging Tech: an answer & our barrier to building the future Building 21st century, digital-first services in research libraries (and indeed in all organisations) often starts at...
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Cerys Hearsey


Future of discovery: artificial scholars and automated collections

Artificial intelligence is increasing in sophistication, ubiquity, and disruptive effect across entire sectors of society and the economy. Students and academics are gaining the ability to discover knowledge in radically...
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Ed Fay

Transforming the Library Services Platform: Why the Future of Libraries is Open

FOLIO, an international effort to develop an open-source Library Services Platform, is unique in the scope of effort and the coordinated cooperation amongst organizations with diverse but convergent goals. This...
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Laura E. Wright

Mastering the Digital Shift in research libraries: a (draft) manifesto from the RLUK working group

Under its strategy, Reshaping Scholarship, RLUK seeks to support its members to navigate the changing nature of the research library. The shift from analogue to a mixed analogue/digital environment is...
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Torsten Reimer


Speed presentations

Speed presentations are fast-paced and highly visual, with speakers restricted to 20 slides at exactly 20 seconds per slide (six minutes and 40 seconds in total). A prize will be...
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Ke Wu
Rosi Jelfs
Merrilee Proffitt
Yaming (Cindy) Fu
Jennifer Cong Yan Zhao
Joanne Fitton
Alan Fricker
Phil Cheeseman
Joshua Sendall
Hardy Schwamm
15:30 - 16:00


LONG TABLE – Mastering the Digital Shift in research libraries

Under its strategy, Reshaping Scholarship, RLUK seeks to support its members to navigate the changing nature of the research library. The shift from analogue to a mixed analogue/digital environment is...
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Michelle Blake
Torsten Reimer

LONG TABLE – Politics in the Research Library

How do we archive contemporary political events and issues? And what is our role on providing information on them? The two interlinked questions are taken from a seminar we ran...
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Daniel Payne
Debbie Challis

WORKSHOP – Civic Transformation: Practical Steps Towards Authentic, Inclusive Library Activism

From bake sales to strikes, clicktivism to craftivism – this workshop will look at how we can use our own personal experiences of activism to enrich our services in meaningful,...
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Sara Huws

WORKSHOP – The impact of reflection as a tool towards inclusive working

**Please note that this workshop is limited to 10 participants** This workshop will explore a reflective design methodology being trialled at Wellcome Collection. The Wellcome Collection Inclusion Team is working...
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Orla O’Donnell
Helen Wakely

Conference Dinner

The RLUK Conference dinner will be held in the King’s Gallery at the British Library  


Keynote – Masud Khokhar, University of York

Living in the age of invisible intelligence The human desire to improve the way we live, communicate, connect, and work will continue to grow in a complex and data-driven world....
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Masud Khokhar


Aligning Academic Library Global Engagement Programs with University Strategic Goals: The Case of Penn State University

As institutions of higher education across the globe are prioritising global engagement among their programs, research initiatives, and teaching, academic libraries are afforded new opportunities to contribute to the successful...
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Mark Mattson

JULAC: A Collaboration That Leads and Transforms the Research Libraries of Hong Kong

For more than fifty years, JULAC, the Joint University Librarians Advisory Committee, has been transforming libraries in Hong Kong universities through deep collaboration, creativity, and technology. Now comprising the eight...
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Kendall Crilly

‘Walking in the fog’: leadership for uncertain times

We can see changes coming that will transform our workforce. To embrace these changes and come out stronger, we need to adopt a leadership model for effecting change in uncertain...
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Catriona Cannon


The library as an intelligence organisation: The shifting role of academic libraries and their organisational and professional expertise in the field of research metrics and intelligence

Recent years have seen an increasing number of so-called ‘intelligence databases’ on the market, in which the publishers use sophisticated interfaces to make available analytics and visualisation based on their...
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Noriaki Sato

Developing a Digital Scholarship Service at the National Library of Scotland: the first year

Digital scholarship, and the Collections as Data movement, has gained increasing traction in recent years, and with libraries now undertaking in-house mass digitisation, we are able to provide collections and support...
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Sarah Ames

Are we there yet? Digital Maturity modelling as part of the shift left

Like other organisations, Libraries want to shift left. But how do we know where we are on the digital journey, or where we need to go? While libraries have been...
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Kirsty Lingstadt