Day 1
20 Mar 2019
Day 2
21 Mar 2019
Day 3
22 Mar 2019

CCC RightsLink Author Workshop on Automating OA/APC Workflows 

Join Copyright Clearance Center on 20 March 2019 for a collaborative workshop focused on the future of agreement and funding models, and how to automate workflows that address the demands...
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OCLC Research Library Partnership meeting

The OCLC RLP will meet just before the RLUK Conference in London. They will share findings from the global OCLC Open Content Survey and frame discussions around how OCLC and...
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Gale, a Cengage company workshop: Where do we fit in? Overcoming barriers in Digital Humanities and putting the Library at the centre of digital scholarship.

Digital Humanities represent an outstanding opportunity for an academic library to firmly place themselves at the heart of digital scholarship in their institution and support one of the fastest-growing aspects of modern humanities scholarship....
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Keynote – Tim Hitchcock, University of Sussex

Introduction to the 2019 RLUK Conference by RLUK Executive Director, David Prosser. Opening keynote presentation by Tim Hitchcock, Professor of Digital History, University of Sussex   Macroscopes and Microscopes: Scholar Cyborgs...
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Tim Hitchcock

IARLA PANEL: The transformational challenge

The modern research library is witnessing a profound change in its role, collection, and appearance. As research practices continue to shift, the necessary evolution of library services requires the acquisition...
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Donna Bourne-Tyson
Margie Jantti
Astrid Verheusen
Mary Lee Kennedy
Robin Green


From service provision to research partnership

When researchers approached the Library with their digital scholarship projects we used to ask them “What services can we provide you?” Now we ask them “What’s your research question?” and...
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Mary Chester-Kadwell
Huw Jones
Lesley Gray

Research Has Changed: Have Libraries?

Today research libraries are seeking new ways of engaging with the campus research enterprise. Research underway at the University of Calgary has identified a constellation of services necessary to enable...
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Tom Hickerson

The once and future library: will there be, and what might a research library look like in 2030?

The purpose of a (research) library is to facilitate knowledge creation. While this mission has remained unchanged throughout the centuries, the way libraries deliver it has constantly evolved. Over the...
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Torsten Reimer
16:30 - 16:40


Keynote – Charles Kriel

Collusion – how social networks manipulate news, radicalise opinion and destroy democracy Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are breaking democracy. Despite claims to have set up fake news war rooms, and...
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Charles Kriel

Drinks Reception

To welcome both newcomers and returners to the conference, the Associate Directors Network will be facilitating an informal networking reception on the first day, which is sponsored by Gale, a...
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Day two registration

Keynote – Gwenda Thomas, University of Melbourne

Are libraries neutral spaces – or places for “The Perfect Cultural Storm” This paper reflects on how the covering of an artwork in a South African university library during the...
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Gwenda Thomas


Is there a case for shared digitisation?

As more libraries start to undertake the mass digitisation of general collections, there becomes the risk of duplicating digitisation effort of identical items, whilst also missing out on the cost...
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Christoph Schmidt-Supprian
Stuart Lewis

Making the most of unique and distinctive collections: developing new roles and approaches at LSE

LSE Library’s ambitious collection evaluation project – completed in July 2018 – followed the adoption of a strategy which placed collections at the heart of its mission and identity. Driven...
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Anna Towlson

Researching researchers. Delivering a systematic user research programme in a research library

While the mission of research libraries – support knowledge creation – has always been the same, the way we meet this mission keeps evolving. The expectations and needs of researchers...
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Sally Halper
Fiona McCarthy
Torsten Reimer


The shape of RLUK networks

The panel would include presentations by each of the networks (Associate Directors, Special Collections Leadership, and Digital Scholarship) – each represented by their respective co-convenors. These would highlight current ongoing...
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Judy Burg
Beth Clark
Siobhán Convery
Christopher Cipkin
Rachel Beckett
Stuart Lewis

Long Table discussion – Are libraries neutral spaces?

The ‘Long Table’ is an experimental open public forum that is designed to facilitate dialogue by gathering together people with common interests. This Long Table will be hosted by Simon...
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Stepping Stones: Our journey towards a culture of Open Research

This paper summarises Lancaster University’s three-stage strategy to promote a culture of Open Research across the institution. Our culture change journey began with Data Conversations, which are designed for researchers...
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Joshua Sendall
Hardy Schwamm

Mainstreaming open: how can libraries transition their culture, services and practices to open

Libraries have played a vital role in facilitating the transition to open scholarship within their institutions: providing advocacy, advice and support for Funder Open Access policies, developing research data management...
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Graham Stone
Joanna Ball

Designing Research Libraries for Digital Scholarship Innovation: Exploring Global Practices to Revitalise Local Strategies

Digital publishing, new business models, open access policies, and social networking have created opportunities for research libraries to engage in scholarly communication at a deeper level across the scholarly knowledge...
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Lauren Collister
Sheila Corrall


RLUK Annual General Meeting 2019. Open to RLUK members only.

Conference Dinner

The RLUK Conference reception and dinner will be held in the State Rooms at 30 Euston Square.  


“For views to count, we must count the views.” How a reliable usage metric can provide the missing incentives for Open Access scholarly communication: the BitViews project

This paper (i) provides arguments and data showing the usefulness of a reliable usage metric; (ii) demonstrates how blockchain technology (“BitViews”) can overcome the technical difficulties that hitherto have prevented...
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Manfredi La Manna

Research software: a role for libraries

This paper will discuss the role that might be played by institutional and national libraries to integrate software into the scholarly communications landscape. Recent years have seen many developments in...
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Jez Cope
Torsten Reimer

Maturing Research Data Services and the Transformation of Academic Libraries

A major development in academic libraries in the last decade has been recognition of the need to support research data management; but how has this transformed the role of libraries?...
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Stephen Pinfield
Andrew Cox


WORKSHOP – Creating a new generation of open scholars: advocating open practice through our teaching

This workshop will explore how research libraries can use their unique position as natural curators of knowledge and promoters of open principles to extend the conversation about open scholarship to...
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Jennie Blake
Katy Woolfenden

WORKSHOP – The Intelligent Library: Academic Libraries and AI

“For libraries the question is not so much what technology will be affected, but rather what technology, if any, will remain unaffected by AI” (Fernandez, 2016). The aim of this...
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Stephen Pinfield
Andrew Cox

WORKSHOP – Beyond Open: Transformations in scholarly publishing

Open access is transforming the scholarly publishing landscape. In just the past year, the academic sector has asserted itself through Projekt Deal, Read and Publish, and Plan S. In parallel,...
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Roger Schonfeld
Daniel Hook
Toby Green

WORKSHOP – Collaborative Collecting

Facilitated by Helen Wakely, Inclusive Collections Lead, Wellcome Collection Co-presenters: Daniela Vasco and Elissavet Ntoulia, Visitor Experience Assistants, Wellcome Collection Nicole-Rachelle Moore, New Beacon Books, London Elizabeth Graham and Melanie...
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Elizabeth Graham
Melanie Grant
Nicole-Rachelle Moore
Elissavet Ntoulia
Daniela Vasco
Helen Wakely


Keynote – Bethany Nowviskie, Digital Library Federation

Digital Humanities at the Grass Roots Hand in hand with the communities we study and serve, scholars, students, and librarians are entering a new era of collective power-building, political action,...
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Bethany Nowviskie