White Rose University Press: open access setting scholarship free

15 Mar 2018
12:00 - 12:30

White Rose University Press: open access setting scholarship free

Established in 2016 by the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York, White Rose University Press (WRUP) has achieved a great deal so far. Publications currently include a suite of journals covering different disciplines, with monographs expected early in 2018.

Supported by the university libraries, the main driver behind WRUP’s creation was engaging with the open access agenda. Removing financial barriers to access is a part of this, publishing high quality scholarship and up-to-date research accessible without charge anywhere with an internet connection. Open access publishing makes these resources available globally to academics, regardless of the financial position of their institution, but also to practitioners and policy makers.

In addition, publishing content under Creative Commons open access licences frees that content to be shared and built upon as the author chooses. While the author retains the copyright of their work this, potentially, gives their output new life, increasing impact and enabling new ways of collaboration combining distinct pools of research.

This session will outline why the White Rose Libraries feel supporting open access is important and why this different publishing model is beneficial to our academic communities and beyond. It will also discuss how this has worked in practice.