Day 1
14 Mar 2018
Day 2
15 Mar 2018
Day 3
16 Mar 2018


Keynote – Roly Keating, British Library

Introduction to the 2018 RLUK Conference by RLUK Executive Director, David Prosser.  
Roly Keating

Back to the Future: A provocation on predictions, past and present

The presentation reviews five propositions about libraries and collections from the past twenty years comparing what was predicted to the contemporary reality, focussing primarily on the institutional and regional experience....
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Stella Butler

Culture, code, silence, surveillance: the changing spaces of the research library

This paper will explore the shifting physical and digital spaces of the contemporary research library, by drawing on early findings from two exploratory library-based research projects undertaken with the University...
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Philippa Sheail

Brand Library

The metaphor of Metamorphosis as applied to the changing role of the modern research library is apt but leads to the question; will the end result be Butterfly or Moth?...
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Gavin Boyce


Articulating research library value through cross-sectoral collaboration: a view from Canada

In 2016, Library and Archives Canada convened a Summit on the Value of Libraries, Archives and Museums in a Changing World, which explored the social and economic value of galleries, libraries,...
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Jonathan Bengtson

The OCLC Research survey on Equity Diversity and Inclusion

Between September 12 and October 13 of 2017, OCLC surveyed current Research Library Partners, with the intention of obtaining a snapshot of the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) efforts within...
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Merrilee Proffitt


In a world where research has no borders between countries and disciplines, how can research libraries best collaborate globally, regionally and nationally to ensure that researchers today and tomorrow have...
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RLUK Annual General Meeting 2017. Open to RLUK members only.

Conference drinks reception and dinner

The RLUK Conference reception and dinner will be held in the Terrace Restaurant at the British Library. This event is kindly supported by OCLC.

Day two registration

Keynote – Catherine Stihler MEP

The EU copyright reform – a missed opportunity? Libraries are not just about lending books anymore, they empower European citizens of all ages to develop and create the skills, knowledge...
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Catherine Stihler


Advocating for open access: going beyond the REF

This paper examines the challenges of advocating and implementing open access as a lone scholarly communications librarian in a university that has traditionally been teaching-, rather than research-focussed. Looking at...
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Claire Choong

EThOS and the British Library’s strategy for (shared) repository services

Any day now the British Library will create the half-millionth EThOS record for a UK thesis. This heavily-used resource leads to around 70,000 individual downloads of UK theses every month...
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Sara Gould

White Rose University Press: open access setting scholarship free

Established in 2016 by the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York, White Rose University Press (WRUP) has achieved a great deal so far. Publications currently include a suite of journals...
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Kate Petherbridge


Sponsor presentation – Partnering with libraries to support Digital Humanities Scholarship

Partnering with libraries to support Digital Humanities Scholarship Seth Cayley VP, Gale Primary Sources The Digital Humanities is a fast-moving area of scholarship. However, many libraries lack access to suitable...
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Speed presentations

Theme: Innovation in our libraries Speed presentations are fast-paced and highly visual, with speakers restricted to 20 slides at exactly 20 seconds per slide (six minutes and 40 seconds in total).
Joseph Marshall
Laragh Quinney
Alice Heywood
Daniel Hook
Stuart Lewis
Michelle Blake

Workshop – Building shared capacity: collaborative library directions in the UK

Libraries consort in a variety of ways to get their work done. This may be in the context of nationally coordinated activity (e.g. Jisc), or through library collaboration (e.g. White...
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John MacColl
Nicola Wright
Lorcan Dempsey


The proposed introduction of the UK-SCL model open access policy and licence at institutions in the UK has fuelled a debate about academic rights retention, progressive open access policy making,...
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Chris Banks

Workshop – Copyright, content, and confusion-busting: re-use environments for research libraries

Copyright presents often confusing challenges to libraries and users. As digitisation and digital re-use becomes de rigueur these can be amplified. Institutions are developing stronger, clearer re-use structures, for example...
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Gill Hamilton
Andrea Wallace
Fred Saunderson

Workshop – Perpetual metamorphosis: addressing the need for professional development of academic librarians in scholarly communication and other emerging areas

Librarianship is a profession that is changing rapidly, and new demands for skills and knowledge regularly emerge – for example scholarly communication, user experience, and relationship management. Many librarians are...
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Helen Blanchett
Anna Grigson
Danny Kingsley

Workshop – The challenge of Discovery for Special Collections in Research Libraries

Research Libraries and their special collections face a series of challenges when it comes to discovery and accessibility. Special collections cover a range of disciplines as they span across rare...
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Kirsty Lingstadt
Masud Khokhar


Keynote – Dan Cohen, Northeastern University

Putting It All Together The elements of the future research library are here, including digital platforms and data as well as new services for learning and research. But too often...
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Dan Cohen


Dissolving the Boundaries: Knowledge Commons, Collections Access and the Digital Dividend

Collections, archives and libraries are at their core repositories of information albeit in different formats but as digital tools develop and mature the lines between them, for those that seek...
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Simon Cane

War Child: A practice-led model for collaborative collections-based research

This jointly delivered paper will highlight examples of innovative collections-based research practice, fostered through initiatives designed to develop increased academic engagement with the University’s Special Collections. In 2013, Teresa became...
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Kate Arnold-Foster
Teresa Murjas

Where has our Diversity Strategy taken us?

2018 sees the end of the current Diversity & Inclusion Strategy at Tate. The whole organisation approach was introduced in 2010 and has had a number of success and a...
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James Brandon


An ethics of care: what kind of open access do we want?

The UK’s research libraries are at the forefront of progress towards open access. But despite broad policy consensus that OA is both necessary and achievable, conflict regarding the best way...
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Stuart Lawson

Research Support Priorities and Opportunities for Collaboration among Librarians and Research Administrators

Both librarians and research administrators regard themselves as integral to the research mission of the university, but there has been virtually no documented dialogue between the two professions in the...
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Cara Bradley

Opening up opportunities: supporting open research at the University of Manchester

The University of Manchester Library is well known in the UK for the transformation it underwent in 2012 which resulted in a shift away from the subject librarian model of...
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Simon Bains


Keynote – Kathleen Shearer, COAR

Scaling Up: Sustainability and Innovation in Scholarly Communication In November 2017, COAR published the recommendations for the next generation of repositories. The vision for this work is “to position repositories...
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Kathleen Shearer